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USS Dayton CL 105 WWII I Cruise Book CD

Hello Doug.....Happy Holidays!
I just wanted to let you know that I gave my father his Cruise Book CD for Christmas and he is thrilled! He is sharing his memories with my nephew; the family and he has found pictures of himself and others! Thank you for having these items available....they mean so much. My father is very involved in his Post, he attends many services of the WWII vets, and he is proud of his service during the war. 
He has been telling everyone about his gift, it is such a pleasure to see how excited he is.... thank you again for providing these great items! (That gift was the hit of the evening!) 
I appreciate how quickly you sent out the CD, I had been meaning to order it much earlier, and as you know, time goes by.....so thank you for letting me give it to him for Christmas!
You can be sure he is giving your web site info out to the men at the American Legion tonight!

Maiden Voyage USS Oklahoma City cruise log

Hi Navyboy63, I JUST WANTED TO SHARE WITH YOU MY DELIGHT IN SEEING A COPY OF CD ABOUT THE ABOVE ITEM. The Water tender/photographer who took all of those pictures in it was my dad. Most of the original over 60-year-old photos are still in possession of our family. I never knew he received any personal credit for them, but I see at the end of the book he sure did. That made me so proud. Too bad he is over 18 years deceased. I am a photographer and author myself and I know how important it is at times to have your name on a stunning photo or moving written piece. Thank you, Doug, for keeping history alive.

USS Oklahoma City CL 91 WWII Cruise Book CD

Just got the cd today. It is awesome! My father-in-law was the USS Oklahoma City, Water photographer ...he is pictured in the book...we have original prints of many of the photos but not the Cruise Book itself. We used to have the negatives, but they somehow disappeared after he passed away. This cd will be a great Christmas gift for my husband and his family. Thanks!

WOW JUST INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How in the world were you able to compile so many different items about the navy and the tremendous amount as well? From all of your CD's to prints, etc. It's really just too much to comprehend. It's unfortunate because my father served on the USS Alecto, which was a converted LST, and they would fix PT boats with their "A" frame as well as carry torpedoes for PT boats and I can't find little if any information on the ship. My father was a great radio man and I always wanted to get him something because I'm so proud of what he did as well as all of our veterans from all of the wars (excluding the Civil War, that I feel is just sad). Anyway, I just wanted to tell you the way I felt. Much success in your endeavors and if you by any chance happen to see anything about my father's ship, I would really appreciate hearing about it. All the best.

USS Manchester CL 83 1950-51 Printed Book

Thank you very much for offering these books. My Dad has spent decades searching for one, and at age 77, he finally found exactly what he was looking for.

USS Ranger CVA 61 1960 Cruise Book CD

I am so glad you have this service. My father lost all of his stuff and now he has passed away and I would like to have some history for my kids. I guess you figured out that I too am in the Navy by my email address. I was an HM and now I am a Navy counselor NC1, I am currently on recruiting duty in SLC. So, I Thank You for your company. Mary

USS Admiral W S Benson, WWii

I departed Los Angeles on the USS Admiral W S Benson in February 1944 for Bombay, India with the rank of Private First Class. I was age 19. I am now age 84. I am currently writing a book of my life and times that begins with the year 1924. I have no commercial interest whatsoever in the Book. I am writing for my Children, Grandchildren, and now even Great Grandchildren with the expectation they will, someday, have some interest and firsthand knowledge of our family history.

I was born in Vero Beach, Florida.

I am writing to you because of your article on the Internet about the W S Benson. I kept a “daily log” of my trip (I still have my original notes) on the Benson and was careful to include the events (though very routine and boring) of my life on the ship for each and every day of the trip. Our only stop on the trip was in the Port of Melbourne, Australia

I have no real purpose in writing to you other than to let you know that I was on that ship to Bombay as a teenager in 1944, WWII.


Just wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for helping me to find something that my 83-year-old father enjoyed on his birthday! He was thrilled with the canvas print, as a matter of fact, he immediately went into his bedroom, and we hung it on the wall where he can see it from his bed! You see, my father has Alzheimer's, and it is so difficult to come up with ideas for him. His time in the Navy during WWII meant a great deal to him and these type things mean a lot to him! A friend stopped to take him out today and he showed him the canvas. Again, thank you for offering things like this! It feels good to see him enjoy something and smile! Many thanks! Sincerely, Dorothy


I got the pic today. Its really nice. I bought it for my dad. I had you personalize it. The man who served was my dad's only uncle. It brought tears to his eyes.


About a month ago I had you make a copy of the USS Sanborn cruise book for my father's birthday. 
He was in it!!! He cried. It was so wonderful and beautiful to see him go thru this book. Thank you so much. 
There is a picture there of him in his division. Was wondering if you could send me just that one picture so I can keep for myself. Want to frame it. Let me know, the price, and I'll send the information to you. I just ordered the CD.

Thank you so much. It meant so much to all of us.

Thanks, and God Bless You, 


Hey Doug, I received the order on Saturday. Thank you so much for all you have done. I've always had good luck with internet orders but like you said this is the season for things getting lost in the mail, so I thank you again for sending me another cd. I really appreciate what you are doing with these cruise books. The one I bought from you is my grandfather's battleship, the Mississippi. It means a lot to me and my family to have this as part of our family history. Thanks again, you're the best! Jeff 

Cruise Book on CD USS Yorktown

The CD arrived for Christmas and my husband was absolutely overwhelmed! He said it's the best present he ever received and also said what a fantastic job you did in creating it. He was even able to find his father in one of the pictures. THANK YOU!! 


I cannot say "Thank You" enough. My father waited until Christmas day to open his gifts. He called me, then opened the package from you. I only heard him sobbing. He was overwhelmed with this gift. "Thank you" simply isn't enough to say when you have helped me bring such joy to an old Salty Sailor.
All my best to you in the new year!


Just received my cd of "Uss Menifee", Ship that my father was on in WWII.

I had been looking for a copy of the cruise book for over ten years.
It was fascinating looking at all the photos and reading all the stories.
Thank You very much for making it available on cd. The price of the cd is worth every penny.
USS Tuscaloosa CA 37 WWII Cruise Book on CD
I must tell you how impressed I was with the USS Tuscaloosa CD. My
father, now deceased, served aboard that ship and I found the original
cruise book packed away among his things. That book was falling apart and
I am happy to be able to view this important part of his life and his
generation. Thank you for this extraordinary gift of history.
We have many more of these......but I think you can feel the emotion that our products offer.