USS Ajax AR 6 WWII Cruise Book CD

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USS Ajax AR 6

August 1943 - October 1944

World War II Cruise Book

Bring the Cruise Book to Life with this Multimedia Presentation

This CD will Exceed your Expectations.

A great part of Naval history.

You would be purchasing the USS Ajax AR 6 cruise book during World War II.  Each page has been placed on a CD for years of enjoyable computer viewing.  The CD comes in a plastic sleeve with a custom label.   Every page has been enhanced and is readable.  Rare cruise books like this sell for a hundred dollars or more when buying the actual hard copy if you can find one for sale.

This would make a great gift for yourself or someone you know who may have served aboard her.  Usually only ONE person in the family has the original book.  The CD makes it possible for other family members to have a copy also. You will not be disappointed we guarantee it.

Some of the items in this book are as follows:

  • Major Invasions: Marshall Islands, Hollandia, Marianna islands, Guam, Palau Islands, Leyte and Philippines islands.
  • Ships Namesake
  • Crossing the Equator Ceremony and Memos
  • Shellback menu of the Day
  • Crew Listing by Date (Name and rank)
  • Roster of officials

Over 17 photos and the ships story told on 69 pages.

Once you view this CD you will know what life was like on this Repair Ship during World War II.

Additional Bonus:

  • 22 Minute Audio "American Radio Mobilizes the Homefront" WWII (National Archives)
  • 22 Minute Audio "Allied Turncoats Broadcast for the Axis Powers" WWII (National Archives)
  • 20 Minute Audio of a "1967 Equator Crossing" (Not this ship but the Ceremony is Traditional)
  • 6 Minute Audio of "Sounds of Boot Camp" in the late 50's early 60's 
  • Other Interesting Items Include:
    • The Oath of Enlistment
    • The Sailors Creed
    • Core Values of the United States Navy
    • Military Code of Conduct
    • Navy Terminology Origins (8 Pages)
    •      Examples: Scuttlebutt, Chewing the Fat, Devil to Pay,
    •      Hunky-Dory and many more.
  • 25 Hi Res Images of the "World War Two Memorial" in Washington DC