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USS Niagara Falls AFS 3

Commissioned 29 April 1967

A great part of Naval history.

You would be purchasing the USS Niagara Falls AFS 3 Commissioning Program. The pages are Hi-Resolution in PDF format. The pages can be printed from the CD. Each page has been placed on a CD for years of enjoyable computer viewing. The CD comes in a plastic sleeve with a custom label.

Some of the items included in this program:

  • Long Beach Naval Shipyard
  • Memos From the Top Brass
  • Ships Sponsor
  • History of the Ships Namesake
  • Commanding and Executive Officer Bios
  • Crew Listing with Names and Rank
  • Officer and CPO Photos with Name and Rank
  • Days Commissioning Ceremony Itinerary

Over 53 photos pictures 30 pages.

Thanks for your Interest!